Her message touches them: Kim Lim Denies Involvement With Club Arena Incident

The involvement of the Korean K-Pop star, Seungri in big trouble with the authorities shocked the K-Pop fans all over the world. There has been an ongoing investigation regarding this matter and lots of names were named as the investigation continues. One of them is the Singaporean socialite and billionaire’s daughter Kim Lim. Wait. What? Yes, you read it right. Miss Lim’s name was somehow dragged into this mess. Most people knew that Miss Lim is a friend of Seungri. They were seen together watching a football match and perhaps why some didn’t wonder why her name was involved. But, the question that we all want an answer is, Is this true?  Although it’s still a mystery whether Seungri will be held legally responsible for all the illegal activities inside club Arena which he’s accused of. When this issue exploded, Kim Lim posted a statement on her Instagram account regarding her side of the story. According to her, it is true that she went and has been in club Arena, however, denies that she’s not an investor nor being accompanied by any other staff or patrons who accompanied them at that time. She was only with her friends from Singapore and they can vouch for her for that.  Furthermore, she also confirmed that a VIP table was by Seungri when Miss Lim and her friends went to club Arena, however, she strongly disputes that she’s involved with the prostitution scandal and that the girls which Seungri’s lawyer discussed were intended for her and her friends. Miss Li also said that she has no knowledge with the alleged illegal activities going inside club Arena and revealed that she received a weird call from Seungri about the incident. Before ending her post, the billionaire’s daughter stressed that she’s not involved and that any media outlets who will persist or insist that she is will be hearing from her counsel. Well, I guess Kim Lim has definitely cleared some things up and has explained her side well. What happens next in this whole saga is still for us to find out.

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